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Here they are: Welcome Supafly Collective, Skyentist and M&T

It’s that time again! About two months after announcing the last names, we’re back with three new ones. These are busy times but we here at Kurious are loving every second of it. Our steps with Housified in collaboration with Ravenous for instance, or the great Soul Shakers taking their game to the next level on Met Mij Mee with the kings in ZwartWerk and KD Soundsystem. We might even have a video for it underway…

Let’s get down to business though. Like a bunch of proud fathers who’ve just seen their boys shine like crazy on the local football team, we introduce to you:


The lasses in SupaFly Collective are out to serve you the best of all things hip hop. Juggling fresh beats from the golden era of rap to trap nastyness, combined with the best hits from day one to now, but most of all, making it look easy. Dj’s Vaneeshua, Young Mocro, Fatoosan and MikiGold can be heard on the national radio too: every Thursday they host a live radioshow at 9 PM on FM Brussel. Go check that out here and keep an eye out for them on a stage nearby, as they ‘ve been on the road with the likes of Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks, Slum Village and more. Quite the catch dont you say?


Our Drum And Bass family is been steadily growing and it’s great to see so much livelyhood in the Belgian scene. These guys were flying solo as Meddik and Toxidelic for a whole while before they teamed up as M&T, but their D&B flag has been steadily waiving since day one and will undoubtedly keep on doing so! Ask the crowd at huge festivals like Outlook, Tomorrowland, or Laundry Day: they’ll know how M&T murk the decks. Their endeavours landed them two nominations in the past years at the Drum And Bass Arena Awards, and it’s only going to get better.


By the time this young fella was 18 he had a release on his name on Binary with more than 100,000 plays. Boom. Do you know what you were doing when you were 18? We were probably trying to grow our beard for the first time, or something alike. Not Skyentist. He’s been throwing everything into the fight and it’s done him nothing but good. Future House Records would agree, having made him resident. All about those smooth Uk Garage and House vibes!

A new year means new additions to the team!

We’ve had a great year, celebrating our first anniversary and going on all sorts of amazing journeys, of which you can read all in the previous blog posts on this very website!

Looking ahead, we’ve found some great talent that has been added to the Kurious family. Without further ado, we present you: Skyve, Mc Miyagi, James Marvel and Junior Goodfellaz.


If you’ve ever heard of Studio Brussel, you’ve heard of Skyve.
The man who’s solely responsible for everything related to music over at the national radio station. The one who works the decks with Gunther D. He’s performed (almost) literally every festival Belgium has to offer. On top of all this, he’s also starting a new radio item called ‘I got Skyve on it’. Oh and to top all this craziness off, he’s recently started a new project called Skyve Soundsystem. A mash up parade filled with the likes of Mc Mota, Radical, Kurious’ own Mc Miyagi and Killa Mahani.
Mc Miyagi is his trusted Asian sidekick, pumping up the jam as if it’s what he was born to do! Rave on!


James Marvel is a new signee that we’re very proud of.
A recent nomination for the Drum & Bass Arena Awards – in a few different categories, mind you – have only further justified our view. He’s just scored two different underground hits on national radio Studio Brussel together with his partner in crime, Mc Mota. Their collab track “Way of the warrior” found its way to every Drum & Bass lover’s heart and the two are undoubtedly there to stay! The track even got to the top of the Beatport charts for several weeks and, mark my words, it won’t be the last time they end up there.


His name might have you think he’s a newbie but please, don’t be mistaken. Junior Goodfellaz has been dropping quality Hiphop, Future and Trap beats for quite some time now. Gigs at Ancienne Belgique (BXL), Vooruit, a residency at Charlatan and Culture Club (all in Ghent), not to forget his set last year at Dour Festival. Want more? Well, let’s conclude with the impressive note that he’s the official sidekick of the notorious TLP aka Troubleman on his radio show on Studio Brussel. BLAM!

As always, keep an eye out on our facebook page! You know it. #wearekurious

We at Kurious taking over Skikot in 2016

For those unfamiliar with Skikot and their straight up legendary ski and snowboard trips, chances are you are either too old or too much of a wuss to challenge the mountain tops! They have been organising trips for years now, from Antwerp to the likes of Ibiza, Val Thorens, St. Francois Longchamp and many others. Partnering up with Kurious is a great deal for us and we’re looking forward to giving the utmost best of ourselves in Risoul!

There for your auditive pleasures in the epic Après Ski huts, we present you without further ado:

Risoul: 23/01 – 30/01
St. Sorlin & St. Jean d’Arves: 30/01 – 06/02

Avoriaz: 30/01 – 06/02

Avoriaz: 23/01 – 30/01

Val Thorens: 08/02 – 14/02 (Krokus holiday)

Oh and there’s a great little treat for all you bass addicted snowheads!
If you type in the code ‘WEAREKURIOUS’ at the end of your skikot holiday booking, you’ll receive a €50 discount on your booking. Not too shabby eh?

We sure hope to see you there! Some of the best hilltops – erm – enormous mountains await you!


MASked – A night filled with kuriousities

Things are going fast for good old Kurious these days. After recently celebrating their first birthday over at Studay, they went on and delivered a rather tight line – up for the fifth annual MASked event in the north of Antwerp. A properly divided combination of genres made for an entertaining night, i might add.

The honours were fulfilled by the kind people in Kavka & ZappaHet Bos and Kurious.
Visitors could wander across five stages, alternated with bars in between the eight floor mammoth of a building that is MAS. The line – up went from balls out Big Room House to eclectic Hip Hop to wavy Synth Pop and back, much to the amusement of the diverse crowd that attended.

Oh and did i mention everyone was – well, sort of – obligated to wear a mask? Fun little extra, that had me in stitches at times since people tend to get creative when it’s almost time to leave and procrastination made them forget all about the mask they were going to prepare.

Nice one lads

A Donnie Darko quote comes to mind

As for the Kurious stage, a lot can be said with few words. They’ve garnered a roster of well willing, competent rascals that sure do know how to get things going. Jonas Lion had the honour of kicking things off, which he did with flair. Visitors were coming in at a graceful pace and lots of them got stuck on the fourth floor, listening to his track selection and ample mixing capabilities. By the end of his set, lots of people went to see De Duiven, Antwerp’s newest kleinkunst meets Breakbeat act, at the Het Bos stage. An impressive live show, although the acoustics in the venue could be deemed inappropriate for such shows.

With ringing ears people gently scattered back across the other stages and in came SolcoMr_Fuzz and Ravenous. The gents were quick to showcase Kurious’ broad musical offering, and the crowd responded with great enthusiasm. Let’s be honest, the ridiculous amount of drinks that went over the counter may have had some say in the matter. Meanwhile, the SYTYCF crew a few floors up was doing what they do best: sweet as honey funk vibes filled the room and everybody loved it. Kudos fellas.

Two or three people can clearly be seen having fun!

All in all, good times were had. Most of you that attended may or may not remember it, but a good deal of effort was put into delivering great Dj sets.
Thanks to everyone that made this happen, and on to the next one!