This 23 year old whizz-kid has been causing some serious movements in our scene lately. Originating from Ghent, Belgium, this gentleman definitely managed to leave his mark on us throughout the years. Growing up with family members including writers, theatrists and jazz musicians, he picked up the early stages of musicmaking at the age of 11.

Later on playing allround music at local events and birthdays the like, Primate honed his skills and developed a special taste in Electronic Music and Drum & Bass.Widening his spectrum along the road, seeing productions in all genres imaginable, he became more memorable for his screechy basses and hard hitting drums.

This would land him his first actual Drum & Bass show back in 2018, thus carving the path to the now indispensable jump-up headliner he is today. Lockdowns & outdoor-festivals have further shapen Primate’s sound into the more melodic & technical side you hear from him nowadays. He does this wonderfully and has been releasing more and more quality themed productions, both in Drum & Bass and other Electronic genres.

Primate manages to always keep his gritty roots, whilst still radiating harmonic & emotional sounds.

Last but not least, he’s never scared of a little camera action, and continues to take over social media platforms, further defining him into an awesome entertainer. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Primate, you never know what his next release might bring.


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