Introducing Maze, the rising star of the drum and bass universe, whose electrifying presence ignites dancefloors with an authentic and unmistakable sound. Maze is swiftly carving out a prominent niche for himself, leaving audiences yearning for more after every high-energy set. Maze’s foray into the realm of entertainment began at an early age, driven by a deep-seated desire to evoke emotions and bring smiles to people’s faces in all sorts of ways imaginable. His revelation came at the tender age of 15 when he discovered the mesmerizing sounds of electronic dance music, realizing that this genre was the ideal medium for fulfilling his passion for captivating audiences.

With melodic tunes and impeccable mixing skills, he quickly established himself as a standout artist. The fruits of Maze’s unwavering commitment and tireless dedication started
to manifest when he caught the attention of Murdock and his esteemed label, Radar Records. Following the success of an impressive EP and numerous notable self-releases, Maze’s reputation soared, earning him coveted opportunities with renowned labels like NCS Recordings and Gentlemens Club’s Imprint Club Friendly, among others. His authentic approach, opened doors to headline prestigious events, including a memorable set at Tomorrowland, the honor of opening the mainstage at Rampage Open Air, and leaving an indelible mark at the iconic Kompass venue during his performance.

Maze’s musical journey is a vibrant tapestry of diverse sounds, all while staying true to his authentic style. He effortlessly crafts high-energy tunes that set raves ablaze, delves into dark and immersive soundscapes that resonate with party-goers, and explores vocal expression with lyrics that he not only writes but also performs. A watershed moment in his career came with the release of his latest self-produced track, “Born,” showcasing Maze’s visionary production talent and earning recognition on the Belgian national news channel. Both behind the decks and in the studio, Maze embodies humility, creativity, passion, and unwavering dedication. He promises a luminous future where his music will continue to inspire, entertain, and deeply connect with audiences. Maze is the artist who leaves a mark on the hearts and souls of all who encounter his stories.

Prepare to embark on a musical journey through the Maze.


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