Captain Bass


Captain Bass is a drum and bass producer from Herne,Belgium. At the age of 18, Captain Bass began producing drum & bass, more specifically jump-up. He was unstoppable. He wanted to influence people, which he did. He’s known for his creative ideas, huge switches and catchy intros, thus resulting in crazy crowd reactions and a beautiful atmosphere at every show he performs at.

Over the years his interest in other styles began to grow, thus he started experimenting with dancefloor dnb, dubstep and even psytrance. He bridged the cross-over; for example his well known tracks ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Voice’, which switches back to 174 BPM after a cheeky BPM switch-up.Capi, as they say, has collaborated with Hedex, Turno, MCSkywalker and many others. He has released several anthems such as ‘Statement’, ‘Soldiers’, ‘Left Behind’ and he has played at some of the biggest festivals across the world,such as Tomorrowland, Rampage, Sunrise Festival and many more.

His music is receiving DJ and radio support;support from stations such as BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM Studio Brussels.You can expect a lot of new music and many shows to be announced in the coming months. It’s safe to say Capi is going places!


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