‘’Embrace the Joy & Dance’’ is the mantra that Juwlz lives by. At just 20 years old, this aspiring DJ sees these elements as the heart of a more beautiful life. Fueled by her infectious energy and unwavering ambition, she has successfully secured bookings at renowned festivals, including Crammerock & Walhalla, close to her hometown Sint-Niklaas.

Her musical journey extends to Decadance, Charlatan, Plein Publiek and the Journey of Love in Breda.

Juwlz a connoisseur of house music, crafts a melodic journey by seamlessly blending Progressive, Melodic and Afro. Occasionally she plays a groovier and up-tempo selection to get everyone excited. In a nutshell, her sets are full of surprises, making it a fantastic time for audience. As she continues to pave her way in the music scene, Juwlz remains dedicated to spreading the joy of music and the art of dance.


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