Vega X Fyah


Hailing from Brussels, DJ Vega has made his mark on the city’s hip hop scene, co-founding the label FRONTAL and reigning as the resident DJ of STIKSTOF, a rising hip hop collective. His versatile skills on the turntables have graced the stages of renowned festivals like Couleur Café, Werchter, Dour, and Pukkelpop, guaranteeing an electrifying party experience. Vega’s repertoire spans from hip hop classics to Trap, R&B, Afro, and Grime, showcasing his prowess in blending the latest hits with timeless gems, promising a sonic journey like no other.“

FYAH “The Reggae Wordsmith”
Fyah, also known as Dhazed, evolved his unique reggae-flow while collaborating with fellow hip-hop MCs in the streets of Brussels. His performances, whether with his band CAMEL’S DROP or the acclaimed RAGGARAVANE SOUND SYSTEM, embody the spirit of reggae, captivating audiences with his conscious lyrics and heartfelt message of unity. His fire has ignited celebrations at Couleur Café, Vooruit, Zénith La Villette (Paris) and beyond.

Together, DJ Vega and Dhazed unite as Vega X Fyah, transcending musical boundaries, delivering an unmatched synergy that brings together the best of Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Grime, Reggae and Dub, Trap and Hip Hop, ensuring an immersive DJ-set that leaves audiences mesmerized and inspired. 


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