DJ Vega


Over the past ten years, this Brussels native has become a regular at hip-hop parties in and around Brussels. Vega is not only one of the founders of the FRONTAL label, he is also the DJ of the rising hip-hop collective STIKSTOF. At BRUZZ he invariably participates in their weekly FRONTAL radio show. Although his selection only included hip-hop classics at first, he now enjoys making excursions to Trap, R&B, Afro or Grime. Skilfully he mixes and scratching the latest bangers, raw gems and all-time classics. Give Vega 2 turntables and the party is guaranteed! He has been on just about every stage, as a DJ alone and with STIKSTOF. Couleur CafĂ©, Werchter, Dour, Pukkelpop, the AB, Trixx, … Everytime, the gathering resulted into a massive celebration!


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