Kevin Kofii


Kevin Kofii is an accomplished DJ hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. With a passion for music that draws inspiration from his African heritage and a love for genres such as Baile funk, Amapiano, Baltimore, Afrobeats, Hard drum, Batida, (afro)house, UK funky, and more, Kevin has developed a unique and diverse sound that is both percussive and synth-heavy, creating an eclectic yet accessible style. His ability to captivate crowds and take them on a journey through a wide range of genres has earned him a reputation as a truly versatile artist, whether it be on live sets or radio shows, guaranteeing to make the crowd move. Kevin is a frequent presence on the Belgian festival and European club scene, performing at festivals and venues like Tomorrowland, WeCanDance, Razzmatazz, Hör Berlin, and many more…


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