Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Chanelle, the woman who lets the beats do the talking and transforms the dance floor with an unparalleled blend of good vibes and worldly sounds! 

The adventure began five years ago, inspired by the vibrant nightlife of Gent. Chanelle’s passion for music ignited in the dark corners of Gent’s clubs, and since then, she has left her unique mark on the international music scene. In 2021, she stepped into the spotlight with her very first gigs and since then, she has graced stages and won hearts with her enchanting beats. 

Chanelle takes you on a journey of musical exploration, creating a perfect harmony between familiar and novel sounds. Her sets are infused with infectious positivity that fills the dance floor with energy and vitality. From the pulsating rhythms of Afro to the sensual vibes of Baile and the sultry sounds of Latin, she weaves a tapestry of diverse cultural influences that will have you moving to the rhythm of the world. Lose yourself in the boundless world of the Global Club scene, where she reigns as the queen of the dance floor. Her musical journey takes you to exotic destinations without leaving the dance floor.