Tola OG


Get ready because it’s going to be hot! Tola OG, the winner of MNM Start To DJ 2021, takes you on an unprecedented musical adventure.

As a young boy, Tola came to Belgium via England and Nigeria. He came into contact with music genres from all over the world and this ‘gift’, as he calls it, is also noticeable in his uniquely curated sets.

His sets consist of a well-considered balance between tropical vibes and well-known classics to create an unforgettable and exceptional experience. An original mix between hip hop, R&B and commercial music ensures that Tola OG’s music brings an absolute explosion and unprecedented energy in the crowd. From twerk anthems to moshpit bangers, it’s all covered.

Tola OG has already performed at some of the biggest festivals and venues, including Sunrise Festival, Balaton Sound and countless more! In addition to deejaying, he also proves his creativity outside the DJ booth, with his vlog L.O.A.D. (Life Of A Deejay) he gives an honest insight into the life and behind the scenes of an upcoming deejay.


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