SHDDR (Shudder) is a Belgian techno duo performing dynamic Dj- and Live-sets. Since they have joined forces in 2012, they have made it their life’s work on bringing an elaborated signature sound which is based on intense techno and up-paced acid sounds. They have championed the skill to mold all of their tracks and beats together in an energetic act.

They showcased their skills at Extrema Outdoor, Pukkelpop, Tomorrowland and clubs like Labyrinth, Ampere & Vaag. Release-wise, they distinguished themselves with ‘Impulse EP’ on Cosmic Boys’ Legend, which was a big succes. Soon releases on IAMT, Riot Recordings, Say What, Set About and Off Recordings were next.. In 2023, lots of new stuff is anticipated, so watch out!


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