Rising star OSKI is gearing up for an amazing ride. The 18-year-old artist
released his first singles in 2019 and has since then evolved from a
young kid with big dreams to a mature pop-rap artist with a clear vision.

At the age of 9, OSKI started producing dance music, influenced by
icons like Avicii and Skrillex. Over the years his interest in hip-hop has
grown, influenced by new musical heroes such as Childish Gambino,
Tyler the Creator, Brockhampton and Kanye West. Inspired by their
approach to music, he took a new turn in his career.

OSKI distinguishes himself in the Pop landscape by crafting an addictive
self-produced sound. With over half a million streams on Spotify alone,
his first steps as a recording artist didn’t pass unnoticed by the radio and
media. While he previously worked as an independent artist, he signed
to Sony Music in 2021 and is ready to unveil his debut album under their

The tone for an (inter)national career has been set with Sony Music
debut single ‘Falling’. With his new single ‘Honest’, OSKI goes one step
further and goes after his ambitions to the fullest: he would and will
become the greatest artist in the world.


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