Dive into the electrifying world of DJ Nathachelet, a relentless force in the realm of metal & rock. With an insatiable passion for the eighties forged through nearly two decades of crowd surfing every metal concert and festival, this young yet seasoned DJ is renowned for her fierce and unapologetic love for all things heavy.
In the realm of trashing riffs and guttural vocals, Nathachelet seamlessly blends diverse metal subgenres. From heavy & thrash to black metal & stoner, with a classic rock edge and an 80s fun twist – she crafts a sonic experience like no other.

Whether unleashing shock wave beats or headbanging to classic anthems, Nathachelet has an innate ability to pump up the crowd. Behind the decks, she commands attention with a powerful presence and unyielding energy, guiding audiences through the highest highs and darkest depths of metal & rock.
Having graced stages at Alcatraz Open Air, Rock Werchter, Jera On Air, Trix, and Het Depot, Nathachelet stands as a resident deity at Ancienne Belgique’s Metal Shows. The mistress of her own Electric Funeral Metal & Rock Parties, she beckons you to join her on a journey into the heart of thunderous soundscapes.


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