Starting out as an R&B and Hip Hop deejay from the age of 18, Antwerp native Bayny (°1989) learned how to mix in the clubs with burned cd’s, without owning a home setup. Slowly growing and making a name for himself under a different alias, as Dj Sexy, he co-founded two nomadic party concepts titled CLITCLAP and HOOD, which where a staple in the Antwerp underground Hip Hop scene in 2012 and the years that followed.
Bayny always had a taste for electronic music, ranging from Jungle to House and to Techno, and was never solely committed to one genre, which became more and more apparent in his performances as time went on. After 10 years of actively deejaying R&B and Hip Hop, it was time for the complete switch.
In 2017 Dj Sexy transformed into Bayny, fully delving into 90’s and early 2000’s House, Tribal House, Tech House, Progressive, Trance and Techno, combining these musical styles which were strongly present and influential during his childhood years, through the viewing of TV broadcasts of Berlin’s Love Parade while growing up as a 90’s kid and listening to bootleg CD Mix releases of Belgian and Dutch House clubs, with their modern day counterparts and evolutionaries, resulting in a hot and crispy blend of old and new, the known and the unknown.
His selection is defined by layeredness, where even the title of a track can play part in deciding wether it’s included in a set, brought in an enigmatic, yet grounded mixing style, while putting an emphasis on build up and connections between individual tracks, as he constructs thematic sets, often specifically curated for an occasion or moment in time. Above all, he enjoys elongated sets, two hours or more, in each one, clearly defining a beginning, middle and finale, taking you on a spiralling journey, a sonorous narrative, delivered with outbursts of contagious playful energy, veiled in an aura of sultry melancholy.
Since then, he has played clubs such as Ampere, Club Vaag, De Studio, Charlatan and Club Capital, deejayed at festivals WECANDANCE, Transit and J’ardin, among others, and frequently stood behind the decks for concepts SCANDALS and ZAIKA. In 2020 he launched his own party concept The Shade, mainly bringing upcoming female House, Techno and Trance talent from the Netherlands to Antwerp as well as giving a platform to local queer talent. He co-founded Doel Festival in 2022, a festival located in the nearly abandoned village of the same name, and also co-organises the Vleeshaak events since 2024, club nights which offer more than just dancing, set in alternative club spaces. As of April 2023, you can find Bayny once a month in dance café Dobbel Trobbel, where he hosts an under the radar residency, inviting deejay friends for b2b’s and the occasional all night long set, for a limited crowd only.
Next to being a deejay, Bayny is an all around visual artist focussing on drawing, painting, ceramics, poetry and photography, as well as providing art direction and curation. He ran exhibition space Hole Of The Fox from 2011-2018, showing young and upcoming artists, and he has had recent exhibitions showing his works at M HKA (Museum for Contemporary Art Antwerp), Design Museum Den Bosch, Otty Park Gallery, COUR, and Schouwburg Noord.


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