From a young age on, the Dutch and formerly Belgium-based AMEKMAR has been passionate about music and all it has to offer. Ever since getting her first cassette tapes, followed by a Discman and CDs, music was played all day, every day.

During her deejay sets, AMEKMAR knows how to keep the crowd moving by serving uncompromising, dark, energetic and yet somewhat mysterious techno, always including a decent and refreshing selection of records.

AMEKMAR can be described as an ‘all-or-nothing’ individual who goes after what she seeks by working her head off for it. Her goals remain dependable and straightforward: learning and getting better each day and developing as a person and artist by seeking to push her own boundaries.

Her musical talent and growth haven’t been left unnoticed and have taken her to venues in The Netherlands, Belgium and France, such as BASIS, Club Vaag and Racanze – but also to festivals like Dour, Extrema Outdoor, Tomorrowland and Verknipt. Besides performing, she has also been making steps production-wise. With releases on Coincidence Records, Everyone on Acid and Tabulat, as well as in the process of creating her first EP, she is an artist to keep an eye on.

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