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BRIKABRAK 4 w/ ROMderful

Some raw 🎥 VHS footage @ Brikabrak💚 for that Brussels vibes, favourite audience to spin for xshot by (Rutger Claes) x Marcel Top

Slået op af Yooth i 23. marts 2018


Style: future beats, hiphop, tropical Booker: Rien


Yooth, like his name suggests, has a fresh and playful take on the urban music spectrum. He brings flavours from all over the world together in one spicey DJ-set, full of Future Beats, Afrobass, Hip Hop and funky tunes. SoundCloud’s outer corners are Yooth’s natural habitat, constantly lurking for new trends.

He appeared several times on Studio Brussel’s & Bruzz’ airwaves, and paid visit to parties and festivals like Les Ardentes, Trillers and BSMNT, where he pushed his unique sound to the bigger public. With his own Brussels-based event ‘Brikabrak’, he assembles varied line-ups of live acts, rappers and dj’s while raising awareness and funds for several international good causes.

Need a neon tropical party? Yooth’s your man!


Booking info

Rien Samson +32 472 539 611