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Timmerman @ Kompass

Recap van mijn meest intense club gig up to date.All credits to Sam Timmerman!Soundtrack door Asa Moto.

Slået op af Timmerman i Torsdag den 1. november 2018


Style: house, techno Booker: Jochem


The man with the pink cap, aka Timmerman, is slowly but surely becoming an established name in the Belgian house and techno scene. After playing the opening slot at one of the many Tomorrowland stages, things quickly got more serious. He delivered mixtapes for Studio Brussel, got selected for the famous DJ-Mania contest… and won! He’s a regular in most of Belgium’s finest clubs such as Decadance, Forty Five, Club Vaag and Fuse.

In his sets Timmerman brings lots of vibes: from disco to house and techno, mixing them smoothly, always remaining a strong connection with the dance floor. And by his great festival summer and tons of impressive bookings ahead, the future is looking bright!


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Jochem Peeters

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