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Team Damp

Team DAMP @ Campo Solar - august 2017

Campo Solar you were unexpectedly great. The atmosphere, the setting, the crowd, the hospitality. Thanks for the invitation! Check out Team DAMP @ NAH MEAN X Soaked IN SOCA X Klinkende Kroegen on the 30th of august at Beursplein - Brugge!>> tune: Omar Duro x Ethan Morris - Rough Gyal <<

Slået op af Team DAMP i Onsdag den 16. august 2017

Team Damp

Style: dancehall, hiphop Booker: Rien


Team DAMP arose when three youngsters teamed up in their hometown Bruges. Each had experience and followers in different bass oriented genres. They came together under the common denominator: Dancehall music. Even though Team DAMP doesn’t stick to one musical style, they do hold on to one vibe: Positive energy. Expect an uplifting, tropical and bass heavy experience. Jamaican music is the focal point, radiating towards all surrounding areas. Ladies get their best moves out while men pop lighters up and wave flags in the air for Team DAMP.


Booking info

Rien Samson +32 472 53 96 11

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