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Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem

Gunther D ft. Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem - Sinterklaas Hardstyle Medley

Hier zat wellicht niemand op te wachten: DE ENIGE ECHTE SINTERKLAAS HARDSTYLE MEDLEY! ???

Slået op af Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem i Onsdag den 28. november 2018

Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem

Style: allround Booker: Jochem


Make room for Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem! He gained attention with an acclaimed mixtape series on Soundcloud in which he blended every possible genre and music, from Samson & Gert to Beyonce and back to Coone. There is nothing in this world that this musical prodigy wouldn’t or couldn’t mix. This brought him a residency at Studio Brussel’s filefuif and gigs at festivals like Rock Werchter, Camping Kitsch Club and Totally Snow. Party madness guaranteed!

“To hire for your party, to celebrate your first menstruation or your bar mitzvah” – Eva De Roo.


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Jochem Peeters

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