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Nico Morano

Nico Morano @ Tomorrowland

đŸ”„ Tomorrowland x Nico Morano x mainstageđŸ”„ Throwback FridayđŸ”„ RE-LIVE 1 hour set (14.50-15.50)Two weeks ago this happened at the mainstage, right after Paul Kalkbrenner!Melodic vibes all the way guided by MC Mota.Happy weekend!

SlÄet op af Nico Morano i Fredag den 10. august 2018

Nico Morano

Style: house Booker: Jochem


Throughout the years the sound of Nico Morano has developed into one of the most sophisticated ones in Belgium. His blend of deep, melodic house with a strong emotional touch has been picked up by many others. This resulting in Nico playing more than 100 gigs a year in Belgium only. From the highly respected clubs such as La Rocca, CafĂ© D’Anvers, Fuse and Ampere to praised festivals such as Paradise City Festival or Tomorrowland where he’s hosting his own stage.
Internationally his sound is getting picked up as well, since he started releasing more regularly in 2018 with EP’s on labels like Selador, EIN2, Days Like Nights, Click Records or his own outlet Atmosphere Records. He received support for his latest tracks of names like Kölsch, Joris Voorn, Solomun, Sasha, Kevin De Vries, Frankey & Sandrino, etc.


Booking info

Jochem Peeters +32 472 90 90 23

Tour Dates

Villa Pace 2019
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
AMFI 2019 - 5years Anniversary
Putte, België
Docklands 2019
Antwerpen, Belgium
No Man's World Festival 2019
Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium

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