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MC Miyagi

Skyve Soundsystem @ Crammerock 2016

Topherinneringen aan Crammerock, met een glansrol voor de Slimste MC ter Wereld Eva De Roo, MC Miyagi, MC Mota, Gunther D, Radikal en Killa Mahanie. #teameva #skyvesoundsystem

Slået op af Skyve i Onsdag den 30. november 2016

MC Miyagi

Style: allround, hiphop Booker: Jochem


Once upon a time, MC Miyagi was born in Korea and raised in the beautiful city of Antwerp. This party cracking MC can’t spit in Korean, but understands the likes of Dutch and English very well.  Almost 3 years ago, MC Miyagi fell in love with the mic at a (drunk) party, while partner in crime Skyve (Studio Brussel) mastered the wheels of steel. The duo found each other and quickly became the perfect mix for a sizzling beat bouncing party. ‘Skyve ft MC Miyagi’ was born! MC Miyagi tagged alongside the mighty Skyve to Tomorrowland, Crammerock, Laundry Day and many smaller parties all across Belgium. He isn’t known for his hit breaking rhymes, but provides your party with the right amount of energy, atmosphere and a serious dose of ‘let’s get this party started!’


Booking info

Jochem Peeters +32 472 909 023