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Konna x Helder

Wow wat een nacht op Helder in Klub Goud!Afsluiten met deze klassieker met de opkomende zon op de achtergrond.Op woensdag 27 juli dat nog eens overdoen op Helder002.Tot dan!

Slået op af Konna i Torsdag den 23. juni 2016


Style: disco, funk, house Booker: Jochem


Konna’s musical journey started in January 2014 with a mission to bring music with an emotional value to the dancefloor. He truly has a unique vision on how music should sound. Konna easily translates his selection of  the finest House tracks into a coherent entity w/ each record having its own part in the jigsaw of musical sound. So welcome to a never-ending expedition into the world of Konna and his passion for music!


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Jochem Peeters

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