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DJ YOLOTANKER ft. Studio Brussel en Balthasar Boma - De Roodse...

Morgenavond wordt Jan Vertonghen recordinternational bij de Belgian Red Devils. Daarom maakten we met DJ YOLOTANKER en Balthasar Boma een ode aan 'De Roodste Duivel'. En nu allemaal meezingen...

Slået op af Studio Brussel i Søndag den 8. oktober 2017


Style: allround Booker: Rien


When DJ YOLOTANKER released his first two singles, a Foie Gras remix of Christoff’s ‘Onze Vader’ and #AMEN, the world wide web stopped and took a breath. The tunes and videoclip became instant internet phenomena and so did the DJ. Since then DJ YOLOTANKER is travelling the world serving nothing but the best classics, sing-alongs & polonaises with a serious hardstyle

Nowadays DJ YOLOTANKER is a household name at Studio Brussel, acting as resident housedeejay and creating epic remixes on a near daily basis. He has made pumping hardstyle remixes of tracks by Ingeborg, Bazart, Toto and an official anthem for Jan Vertonghen’s appearance record for the Belgian National Football team featuring the original Balthasar Boma from De Kampioenen. LEGENDARY MUCH!


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Rien Samson +32 472 539 611