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Catwar & Lilihell

Catwar & Lilihell

Style: future beats, hiphop Booker: Rien


One dynamic dj-duo, born & hell-raised in the cobbled streets of Ghentje! Mash together a supreme love for internet memes, some pink sweaters and a whiff of black humor. Top that off with unrecognizable dj-skills, and receive one nasty cocktail called ‘Catwar&Lilihell’. Since 2014 a whirlwind force to be reckoned with, serving you only the best and most innovative of urban music. From R&B to Hip Hop, Future Beats, Soul and Trap. They’ve got it all up their pink sleeves. Already casted their musical spell at WeCanDance, Vunzige Deuntjes, All Eyes On Hiphop, Bloody Louis, Trillers, Betong Festival, Club 69, Culture Club & Charlatan.




Booking info

Rien Samson +32 472 539 611