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Black Mamba

Black Mamba

Style: future beats, hiphop, tropical Booker: Rien


One touch of Black Mamba, and you’re under her spell. Not only her appearance gets right to your heart, she qualifies even more when it comes to music. Black Mamba likes to transport you to exotic resorts, with her eclectic mix of hip hop, future beats and homemade edits. A beautiful storm, who brings a wave of ‘fresh and funk’ into the current night scene. Studio Brussel quickly knew what a talent she is, launching Black Mamba as curator for the ‘urban spitlist’ on YouTube. At the moment, she’s also working on her foreign affairs, with an exclusive internship at Encore in Amsterdam. A well known urban concept in Holland. Go Noena!


Booking info

Rien Samson +32 472 539 611